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Host Liz Nierzwicki interviews entrepreneurs, health coaches, best-selling authors, and other experts focusing on entrepreneurship, fitness, paleo nutrition, yoga, meditation, spirituality, stress management, and other ways to have a happy, peaceful, and abundant life.
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Mar 4, 2016

 #28: Paleo Q & A 

In this episode I explore: 

  • What is the Paleo Diet? Is it a diet?
  • How will I get calcium if I give up dairy?
  • How to beat the allergies you think are "normal" by giving up non-paleo foods. 
  • Understanding bone health and how the foods you eat are either acid or alkaline (base). 
  • What am I eating on the paleo diet? 
  • How am I going to get fiber if I eliminate grains? 
  • SAMPLE Daily meal plan
Feb 26, 2016

In this episode Michelle McGlade discusses:

  • Grew up with parents who drank soda for breakfast and living on the Standard American Diet
  • Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 19 years of age
  • Given a book about how to eat right by her music teacher and then her whole life was changed.
  • How changing her diet cured her from fibromyalgia
  • How our mental aspect is the key to our wellness
  • Where you can find Unstoppable: Here on Amazon
  • Michelle interviewed me for her podcast called, Making the Maven: Listen
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Feb 19, 2016

#27: Exploring Hormones & Adrenal Fatigue

In this episode I explore: 

  • Hormones
  • Caffeine dependency
  • What is adrenal fatigue? What does it feel like? 
  • How to help yourself if you feel you have adrenal fatigue. 
  • What foods to eliminate from your diet to support healing.
  • Supplements you can take to help support your adrenal glands and combat stress. 
  • Why changing up the diet is important & start exploring new foods.
  • Natural ways to feel better. 
  • Seek joy.
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Feb 13, 2016

#26 Sickness / Overwhelm / Stress / Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps

In this episode I talk about:

  • Why do we do this to ourselves? We overwhelm ourselves with everything we put on our plate. 
  • What do you turn to in order to cover up your stresses? What are your addictions? 
  • How many things per day are you focusing on? What is the likelihood that you're going to get all things done successfully. 
  • What is happening when we stare at our phones at night before we are going to bed.
  • What are EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) and how are they affecting the body. EMF's are linked to increased anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep, heart palpitations, anxiety, mood disorders, concentration problems, depression and other major problems such as brain tumors and cancer. 
  • Why we need to seek joy in our daily life instead of work work work. 
  • Where to find Gunnar Glasses: Best Seller on Amazon: Gamma Ray Optics $17-$20
  • Where to find your new Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp click here‚Äč
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Feb 12, 2016

In this episode I talk about:

Feb 6, 2016

Interview ex w/ Navy Seal Kirk Parsley about what he found out about sleep deprivation.

Jan 31, 2016


In this episode I talk about:

  • How judgment shuts down our gifts and keeps us stuck. Our own judgment and other judgment upon us and HOW to break past those moments that have shut you down and held you back. 
  • Breaking out of limiting belief patterns and moving past those blocks into a greater (more abundant) version of YOU. 
  • How to break bad habits. Step by step ways to break out of the things that are keeping you stuck. 
  • Introducing the launch of Inspire Tats - a line of temporary tattoos that are inspirational messages you wear on your arm or hand. 
Jan 21, 2016

-Ways to Win
-Ways To Keep Motivated
-The Importance of Starting

Jan 14, 2016

In this episode we discuss
- Paleo
- Weight lifting
- Cardio
- The importance of parenting and having healthy role models. Your kids ARE watching even if they're not taking you up on your recommendations to get moving.
- Personal fulfillment in life.
- Needle moving activities to create fulfilled life.

Jan 7, 2016

Your questions answered:
- How many days per week should I workout?
- What should I eat before & after a workout?
- What are the best exercises to reduce fat around the thighs & midsection?
- What can't I just do cardio?
- How quickly should I see results?

Dec 25, 2015

Make it happen. Learn easy ways to get your workouts in NO MATTER WHAT & Learn how to EAT RIGHT even when you're on the go.

Tips & Tricks of the pros.

Dec 24, 2015

Develop your stage presence and voice projection with the help of a coach. 

Dec 17, 2015

Are you a binge eater or a chronic dieter? This episode is for you!
-Why you should NEVER day to your child that you are dieting.
-Changing the story (for your child's sake) about health and food and what is healthy.
-You're "supposed to look this way," "You're supposed to BE this way.." Why the "supposed to's" are ruing our happiness.
-What are the things you are attached to? How can you let-go of things that you're addicted to.

Dec 10, 2015

Get control of that thing would ya?! In this episode you'll learn..

  • Why are your thoughts so whacky?
  • Understand the different systems of the brain and how they work in your favor or your detriment. 
  • Why your thoughts are king!!
  • Neuroscientists have determined we have two systems of the mind: evaluating mind and experiencing mind.
  • MRI Technology scans of the brain and how meditation effects the brain. 
  • What is an asleep mind & an awake mind. 
  • What to do it the thought of meditation makes you cringe. 
  • For those who want to learn how, get started today in my 3-Week Meditation 101 e-Course


Dec 3, 2015

Episode #15: What is Your Fitness Score and How Can You Test It? Interview w/ Entrepreneur Dave Patzwald

In this episode we discuss:

-How can we test fitness level and athletic abilities?
-Firefighters & Policemen - what should their fitness tests and re-certifications look like.
-Stop making excuses for yourself and just start taking action.
-Getting out of your comfort zone and how it will change your life.

Nov 26, 2015

This is where it's at:

-What is Paleof(x) and why you should come to the worlds largest Paleo event in the world.
-Why you don't fu#k with energy.
-What to do when you're stuck in a career (where you're miserable) and trying to make money and raise a family.
-How to take the deepest loss of your life and create a life that has a true purpose for you and others.
-How your crucifiers are truly your saviors.
-Why teaching kids YOUNG is the best way to hook them into a life that will keep them happy, healthy, and fit.
-Thank you Keith for acknowledging my win at Paleof(x) realFIT competition.
-Why you should get your kid in gymnastics and how it will help them not only in future sports, but for the rest of their life.
-Learn about Keith's companies: Paleof(x), Efficient Exercise, ARX FIT

Nov 19, 2015

-What's the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Regular Olive Oil?
-Is olive oil a fruit or vegetable..?
-What it's like growing up in Greece.
-What makes a good olive oil and how to choose the best brand in a store.
-When does Olive Oil become a trans fat when cooking
-What is the best way to store olive oil.

Nov 12, 2015

In this episode, I discuss:

  • What is self-love, really
  • Why failing is actually good
  • How to accept your failures and move forward
  • 10 Ways to Create Balance & Build a Life You Love
Nov 5, 2015

In this episode, Liz is interviewed by Discover Your Talent Podcast. 

Oct 29, 2015

In this episode, you will learn the do's and don'ts of building muscle.

Stick to a Routine
Losing Weight
Endurance Training
Don't spend hours in the gym
Do other types of workouts

Oct 22, 2015

Episode #9: Rebecca Arsena 90-Day Transformation WINNER

In this episode you will learn:

-How she stayed consistent even with work, children, and a family that didn't do this with her.
-How meditations and affirmations helped her to stay focused and on track with her goals.
-How she broke the bad habit of turning to food for comfort?
-What books inspired her on this journey?
-How to get through the holidays and stay healthy & fit.
-The next 90-Day Transformation STARTS NOV 1ST. Join us now: Sign up for the 90-Day Transformation
-Get your MACROS calculated HERE. This is the amount of fats, protein, and carbohydrates you should be eating every day.

Oct 15, 2015

#8: Dr. Loren Cordain | The Real Problem w/ Dairy

In this episode you will learn:

-4 basic elements to the human diet
-Major problems with dairy
-How galactose is linked to cancer, cataracts, poor immunity, and other health related diseases.
-Are you a paleo athlete? Download meal plans here!
-You're Invited to sign up for the 90-Day Transformation to see how to train your energy systems.
-Get your MACROS calculated HERE. This is the amount of fats, protein, and carbohydrates you should be eating every day.

Oct 8, 2015

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to spend less time in the gym and get more results. 
  • Why it's important to start where you are.
  • What are the body's energy systems (Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP-CP), Glycolytic, Oxidative)
  • Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Better Metabolism
  • Understand Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC)
  • How only (3) 1-hour workouts per week could actually help you burn fat, make you stronger, faster, and have a better metabolism. 
  • Cardio, Weight Lifting, High-Intense Interval Training when to do it all and WHY
  • What type of Athlete are you... ATP, Glycolytic, or oxidative? 
  • Examples on How to Train Your Systems
  • Marathon runner? Learn how you can take 10-30 mins off your marathon time. 
  • You're Invited to sign up for the 90-Day Transformation to see how to train your energy systems. 
  • Get your MACROS calculated HERE. This is the amount of fats, protein, and carbohydrates you should be eating every day. 


Oct 1, 2015

Episode #6: Host Liz Nierzwicki discusses gut health. 

Show Notes:

In this episode you will learn:

  • What are macronutrients & micronutrients
  • What is an anti-nutrient
  • What is the gut microbiome
  • Habitually eating foods from youth
  • Candida
  • What's the difference between the Paleo Diet & a Primal Diet
  • Doing an elimination diet to fix your health.
  • How to fix your diet and health easy with the figureFIT! Lifestyle Program
Sep 24, 2015

In this episode Darryl Edwards and I discuss:

  • Functional fitness and movement.
  • Workout so that when you need your fitness - you have it. For example: when in an emergency.
  • Being an entrepreneur and how to have balance in your life.
  • The rewards of being an author.
  • How self-awareness will help you create the life you want.
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